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Manufacturing analytics – Causes detection of stochastically occurring production errors using association analysis

With the help of mathematical statistics, significant dependencies can be identified even if production errors occur non-trivial. This process enables a targeted causes detection which is possible even though concrete hints to the cause of the error are manually missing. Request article >

Demand Capacity Planning – Transparency and security in mid- to long-term demand resource levelling

This articles explains how a high-quality sales forecasting can be combined with a mid- to long-term demand resource levelling, and which profit can be generated in this context. Moreover, concrete hints are given, which describe the type of software that has to be used to make this reality. Request article >

Inventory planning and inventory controlling in an international production network

The increasing globalisation of the value chain as well as the simultaneous concentration on core competencies increases the amount of partners, that participate in the industrial provision of services. (Walter & Bund, 2001).

Due to this phenomenon, it becomes harder to control dispersed value creation processes and the related tasks of disposal and stockpiling. Request article >

Supply chain optimisation in the light industry via demand planning

This article explains how forecasts and market knowledge can be synchronised with the aim of a more accurate sales forecast. Furthermore, it outlines which basic conditions have to be considered and how the process can be controlled both sustainably and successfully. Request article >

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The potential of Realtime - (Analytic-) CRM in the B2B-Business